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Hey I’m Rachel, and I’m a passionate digital marketer based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Clever Social was created in 2017 because I was tired of working with marketing agencies who commonly use unethical tactics to secure small business clients - by making them feel overwhelmed and insecure about their ability to manage their own marketing.

I love working with women in small business, who understand the value of their time and who are prepared to do the hard work to get shit done!

Women who want to be able rely on their common sense and instincts when it comes to marketing themselves & their businesses - and they want help developing that instinct.


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So why Clever Social? We consider ALL THE THINGS

We are sales & marketing geeks with over 10 years experience in strategic marketing for some of New Zealand and Canada's biggest corporates. Our strong marketing project management background means we are fantastic at planning projects, implementing marketing software, and business processes. 

This means we don’t just focus on digital marketing - we look at your business holistically and figure out what it is you want to achieve.

If your dream is a 20 hour work week, or never working weekends then our action plan will always keep that in mind.

Our super power is creating easy to follow action plans for SMEs to implement inside their businesses - with the option to outsource if they want to. The result?  Smart, efficient spend of your precious marketing budget with tonnes of best practice experience to back us up - and it's this that puts the clever in our name.


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