Last week Facebook announced that they were going to start prioritising posts from friends and family in the newsfeed.  My feed was immediately full of Facebook Live videos from anyone with the word digital or marketing in their page title throwing their own interpretation of the announcement into the mix and the changes were quickly dramatically described as Facebook Armageddon.  However let's breathe and then take a moment to recognise that we don't actually know anything yet, we only know that change is coming and it impacts the Newsfeed for business pages.


Facebook have been moving closer to a pay to play model for awhile and the latest announcement is more of the same.

Digital marketers have been using the phrases such as "pay to play" or "rented real estate" to describe Facebook marketing for a while now, so the writing has been on the wall.  Many clients I have worked with began moving their lists off Facebook over the last twelve months - ensuring that giveaways and competitions collect email addresses rather than Facebook followers.

If you have been relying on Facebook instead of building your own list now is the time to get cracking (and it may be your last chance!)....But what else can you proactively do right now? 

1. Check your Facebook content

Head into your FB page insights and see what has been working for your audience and tweak your planning to include MORE of that

2. Check your post timing

Check what time you should be posting to reach your audience AND consider testing quieter times like early on a Sunday morning where there is possibly less competition

3. Check your post cannibalization

If you post multiple times a day you may be splitting your total available audience across multiple posts.  Try reducing the number of times you post each day and see whether your reach per post goes up

4. Stop engagement baiting on Facebook

No more asking people to follow your page or share your posts.  Facebook had already announced they were cracking down on this a couple of weeks ago, this is your reminder that you need to stop this now! 


5. Post consistently to feed the Facebook algorithm

Whatever consistent means to your business, you need to feed the algorithm with consistent information

6. Quit BOOSTING your Facebook posts

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Rachel Gronback