So you've finally made the decision to start running Facebook ads - real, fully functional FB Ads, instead of continually boosting posts.  Congratulations!   

No more blowing your budget accidentally by spending $20 here and there and somehow being convinced by the Facebook boost up-sell (add three more days!) to spend more than you originally planned. 

No more chasing reach and post likes for the sake of your vanity.  You're ready to do this for real!

You jump into Ad Manager ready to rock, hit that create button and are presented with.... eleven different options.  And that is where you stop.  


Picking the right objective is crucial to creating an effective Facebook Ad, and it's easy to pick the wrong one (or stick with the one you understand!). But don't worry. we're here to help! Download our free cheatsheet and make sure your ads are setup for success

We delve into what we consider to be the key objectives you should know about (the ones 99% of businesses should be using) as well as a few pro-tips about what to do if your ad objective isn't delivering.  

  • Brand Awareness - Don't use this one, unless you're a big name brand

  • Reach - Great to find people without the limitations of their online behaviour

  • Traffic - A must use for all businesses

  • Engagement - Page likes and Facebook Event promotions live here

  • Video Views - Great for building audiences to retarget to, but not necessarily your first choice 

  • Lead Generation - Collect data within Facebook, and link the ad to your MailChimp or CRM

  • Conversions - Great to measure sales & ROI but useless if you aren't generating sales BEFORE running your ad (use reach or traffic instead)


If this sounds like something you need before setting sail on your next Facebook Ads adventure, then download your copy OR if you’re sick of going it alone, then book in for a one hour training session

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