We all know that a key part of running a business is the ability to reflect and adapt to change. And when it comes to your marketing we must consider whether the path we've picked is the RIGHT one, or just the EASY one. 

And there isn't anything easier (or that provides more instant gratification) than hitting the boost button on your latest post, or throwing together a quick Facebook ad campaign and seeing those impressions skyrocket.

But...there is always a bigger picture to consider but the below are some basic scenarios where getting your house in order is key...so when SHOULDN'T you use Facebook Ads?

1. When you haven’t thought about your marketing funnel or your customer lifecycle


Don't freak out - at it's simplest all we mean here is: What do YOU want your website visitors to do and when/where should they hear from your brand?

Clearly we want them to purchase if you're in e-commerce, but what about if they don't purchase? Instead they head back to scrolling Facebook later that same day, what do you want them to see from your business then? 

And what about after that? 

And if they DO purchase, when should they hear from you next? And what will that message be?  

Mapping out your funnel and customer journey is really important because - take note - Facebook Ads are NOT a marketing strategy.  They will NOT build your business on their own.  Nurturing your customers and talking to them at the right time will. Part of your funnel and customer journey should always include:

  1. Abandoned cart emails - capturing those last minute mind-changer-ers

  2. Follow up emails after purchasing - getting the low hanging fruit back to your site to buy again, regularly!

2. When you've only just installed your Facebook Pixel OR your website isn't generating much activity


The Facebook Pixel is fundamental to your advertising success but it takes time to gather data about your web visitors.  If you are chasing a particular type of conversion - purchases for example - then the Pixel must capture purchases regularly to be able to help deliver your ads to users who are likely to purchase from you.  The Pixel needs feeding.  

If you are experiencing less than twenty conversions per week, then you may need to slow your roll on Facebook advertising and on your expectations. 

But don't despair you can still run Traffic or Reach ads to get your message in front of the right people and increase traffic to your website - but don’t expect Facebook to find those golden nugget audience members who are primed to buy.. you haven't collected enough data yet!

3. When you don't know your data


So you believe Facebook Ads are the key to growing your business online…. well you better have some data to back that up!  Many small business owners tend to shy away from Google Analytics but all you need to be able to do is identify your key goals (filling in a contact form, making a purchase), and Google will do the rest.  

At the very least you need to know:

Where is your website traffic coming from right now? 

If it's not Facebook, then we need to consider our Facebook ad approach because if you aren't pushing people from your Facebook page direct to the site that may flag other issues AND we might want to question why you'd want to grow a non-performing channel if you have other channels that ARE performing

Where are your conversions coming from?

If it's not your social media channels, then we need to consider whether budget is better spent in the areas you're already performing in, with only a small budget allocated to Facebook advertising

What is your most searched for content?

If you are an awesome content creator or have examples of content that has really hit the spot with your audience, you may be better off allocating your marketing budget to more content creation activity to create more traffic

4. When your only goal is to make money NOW


I've got to let you in on a little secret - no one ever shares how much time or financial investment it took for them to find success in their digital advertising.  They may be achieving a 7000% ROI right now.  But they weren't in the beginning.

You need to find other measures of success - especially in the beginning! Increased traffic to your website is a great goal. These new website visitors are unlikely to buy right now but you'll be capturing them on your Facebook Pixel and saving them in your back pocket for later....filling up that funnel!

And even in the long term you will need to spend money on Traffic or Reach ads that aren't optimised for conversions.  Part of your marketing spend will ALWAYS go to getting your message out there with no obvious, trackable return.  

So what now?


1. If you can tick off even one of these outstanding actions before jumping into Facebook Advertising you will be in a much better position than those business who are just winging it

2. Don't be afraid to test - create a Traffic ad for your business, run it for two weeks, assign a comfortable budget and see what you can achieve... because that is the only way to create a baseline!

3. Reach out if you need a hand - an hour's training (via Zoom) with us starts from $140 + GST 

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