A great content strategy is still the best (and cheapest) way to drive traffic to your website but if you're a small business owner you know content creation takes time that you do  not have!  Here are four tools to help make your content creation process less painful and more clever

1. Creating valuable content that people want to read

How do we find out what the people want to know?  Easy, head to Answer The Public  and simply enter your keyword to return all of the top questions asked on Google and Bing on that topic.   You're creating SEO-friendly content straight off the bat! 

2. An attention grabbing headline

Now you have your content sorted, you need an attention grabbing headline - and that's where Potent's title generator steps in.  Enter your keyword into this title generator to come up with a witty, fun or ridiculous title for your content.  Shareability is everything so don't be afraid to use a title that will catch your reader's attention. 

3. Understanding your audience 

Not everyone loves Google Analytics like we do, but another valuable tool that is much easier to use is Facebook Audience Insights.  Use this tool to both challenge your current assumptions about your Facebook audience AND allow you to figure out where the rest of your audience is hanging out online.  You can investigate both your own following AND everyone else on Facebook - need to find out what homeowners are doing when they're on the world's top social network?  Simple!  And you can drill it down to geographic region. 

4. Ensure your writing is succinct, bold and clear 

Not everyone is a born writer, and even the best of us are prone to rambling - that's where the Hemingway App steps in.  Simply write your content directly into the app and review the colour coordinated prompts to ensure your writing is clear, direct and to the point.  SEO-friendly writing 

If you want help with your website or SEO get in touch, we love improving SEO and seeing our clients rise up the ranks of Google!

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Rachel Gronback